About us

The First Private Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Orthopedy and Traumatology opened in 2007 as a Single-Person Private Limited Liability Company (EOOD). From its very beginning it was accredited by the Ministry of Health the maximum of 5 stars for 5 years and it works with the National Health Insurance Fund for all clinical pathways in the sphere of orthopedy and traumatology. The hospital boasts of an ambitious team of highly specialized physicians and uses the consultancy of some of the leading academics in the area of orthopedy and traumatology.

We keep workng contacts with some of the leading European centers of orthopedy and traumatology and strive to introduce their models of work on the territory of Northwest Bulgaria.

The First Private Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Orthopedy and Traumatology offers 15 beds and state-of-the-art technology of diagnostics and operative treatment, modern facilities for bloodless operations of the locomotory system.

It provides artificial joints fixation and treatment of all kinds of distortions in children and adults and operations in orthopedy and traumatology. The hospital has comfortable rooms for the patients with separate WC-and-bathroom units and well-trained personnel.

It works with the medical referral system of the National Health Insurance Fund and with all state-owned healthdare institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria. It also performs various operations paid by the patients.

The hospital uses the services of 15 physicians specialized in Bulgaria and abroad. The aim of the clinic’s founders is to strive for a policy of no compromise with the quality of the health services offered and a new European approach to patients. Good care for our patients is of first priority to us and it does not end at the exit of the hospital.

To provide better care for the people seeking our help we created this website. Its purpose is to make you familiar with the services offered by the specialized orthopedic hospital, the specialists working in it and the modern medical facilities at their disposal. This information will be of good use to you when you need specialized medical care, even in cases when you do not have time to find the exact specialist or method f treatment you need.

If you cannot visit us, use this site to contact us and ask for advice and consultation. Your opinion is valuable to us! That is why we will pay special attention to each of you proposals of expansion and improvement of the information on the site.