Medical activities

The following operative interventions and manipulations are performed in the Private Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Orthopedy and Traumatology :

  • Operative treatment of fractures and luxations and soft-tissue injuries (torn muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments);
  • Implants of artificial hip and knee joints after arthritic changes and fractures of the femoral cervix;
  • Implants of shoulder and elbow joints and joints of the finger phalanges;
  • Bloodless operations on meniscuses, ligaments and chondral defects and other internal injuries of the knee joint – arthroscopy;
  • Operative treatment of unhealed or badly healed fractures;
  • Operative treatment of inborn or acquired distortions in infants and children – crooked feet, infantile cerebral paralysis;
  • Operative treatment of arthritic changes – osteotomy, arthrodesis
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Operative treatment of arm and leg distortions
  • Operative treatment of soft-tissue tumors and tumor-like formations
  • Non-operative treatment of fractures and luxations